Dr. Connirae Andreas

Dr. Connirae Andreas studied Child and Adolescent Psychology at the University of Kansas, holds a MA in Clinical Psychology (University of Colorado) and a PhD in Psychotherapy (North Central University, 1989). She has been working as a trainer, developer and author in the area of ​​personal growth since the end of the 1970s. She is one of the first NLP trainers. Together with her husband Steve Andreas, who passed away in 2018, she made an important contribution to the further development of NLP by developing more in-depth methods and there as started a new and modern way of working with NLP. Above all, she has set a sign with her loving attitude towards clients and particippants.

She is known for her extraordinary work as the inventor of the Core Transformation process, which is today used as a basis by many well-known coaches. She has developed this simple and gentle method from a personal experience with the work of Milton Erickson. It's an easy path that helps us open a door to our inner core states. This naturally leads us to solve many of our problems and challenges from an inner attitude and to come to a holistic and very personal balance.

To this day, Connirae Andreas, together with her husband Steve, her sister Tamara and her son Mark, is an inspiration for many people who want to personally grow and develop from their core and for many coaches, therapists and trainers who accompany these people.

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