The association

The European Association for The Wholeness Work - EATWW e.V. - was founded in Vienna on 14 May 2018. The purpose of the association is to make The Wholeness Work® known and disseminated in Europe and to promote the quality of work with the method.

Thus, the association is a contact point and information centre for all users, coaches and trainers who work with The Wholeness Work®. Together with all members, the association ensures the quality and reliability of work with The Wholeness Work®. The trainers and coaches can qualify themselves with the help of the association and acquire the necessary skills to work with it on a professional level. They are supported in learning and applying the methods of The Wholeness Work®.

The association, together with all members and the international wholeness work community, is responsible for the quality and credibility of the method. At the same time, it is a concern of the association to spread The Wholeness Work® freely and effectively. When you learn The Wholeness Work® and are inspired by it, you have the freedom to express yourself, to share the method, to experiment with it, to apply it, to teach and to continue research.

In order to acknowledge the origin of the method and her creator Connirae Andreas, we in the association have agreed that in every The Wholeness Work® offer or publication (online/offline) ...

  • the original logo is used
  • the wording "The Wholeness Work®" is used with trademark sign
  • and reference is made to the association website (online by linking or offline by printing).

We as an association reserve the right to give you feedback regarding your presentation of The Wholeness Work®, if it is not presented in a way that is in the best interest of the method and quality maintenance or in an inappropriate and/or ethically questionable context.
The association offers the possibility of certification as coach, trainer and instructor for The Wholeness Work as an important step for professional dissemination. Furthermore, a uniform and high quality standard is important to the founding members. This is supported by the certification.

Further offers of the association are:

  • Resources to learn The Wholeness Work® in a high quality way
  • a community online portal with video KnowledgeBase and eLearning
  • the opportunity to exchange and support each other at peer group exercise meetings (offline & online)

On 14.6.2022 the new board was elected by the general meeting:

Ralph Köbler, 1st chairman
Ulrich Bührle, 2nd chairman
Schareska Antequera de Friebertshäuser, board member for finances
Sonja Knecht, Event Board
Eva Nevinova, Social Media Board
Imke Lambrecht, Community Board
Germán Barona, Business Development Director


Founding members from 2018 are:
Dr. Connirae Andreas - Honorary Member
Stefanie Diehl, Ralph Köbler, Jana Köbler, Sebastian Mauritz, Eva Nevinova, Olaf Walter, Marina Marinkevich.


from left to right Olaf Walter, Marina Marinkevich, Eva Nevinova, Ralph Köbler, Connirae Andreas, Stefanie Diehl, Sebastian Mauritz


Join us now! Please write to for more information. We look forward to the exchange with you!

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