Peergroups for The Wholeness Work®

Peergroups for The Wholeness Work®

You want to deepen, practice and share your knowledge of The Wholeness Work®?

Peer groups are already taking place in different locations.

What can a peer group be visited for?

- Space and time to practice and try out

- Protected framework to integrate your own themes with The Wholeness Work®

- A way to share with others about Wholeness

- Supervision, reflection, self-reflection, questions

- ... and whatever else you need for your work with The Wholeness Work®.

Zoom Online Peergroup

For all those who have completed at least one Foundation Training (online or live), the EATWW e.V offers an Online Video Supervision. If interested, please register at:

Next appointment - each day from 7:30pm to 9:30pm CET:

  • 1. April 2020 - Online in German
  • 30. April 2020 - Online in English
  • 5. Mai 2020 - Online in German


Other peer groups:

Would you like to start another peer group for The Wholeness Work®?
Then you are welcome to contact us.


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