Peergroups for The Wholeness Work®

Peergroups for The Wholeness Work®

You want to deepen, practice and share your knowledge of The Wholeness Work®?

Peer groups are already taking place in different locations.

What can a peer group be visited for?

- Space and time to practice and try out

- Protected framework to integrate your own themes with The Wholeness Work®

- A way to share with others about Wholeness

- Supervision, reflection, self-reflection, questions

- ... and whatever else you need for your work with The Wholeness Work®.

Zoom Online Peergroup

For all those who have completed at least one Foundation Training (online or live), the EATWW e.V offers an Online Video Supervision. If interested, please register at


Other peer groups:

Would you like to start another peer group for The Wholeness Work®?
Then you are welcome to contact us.


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