2023 European Seminars: Deepening

The only European training in 2023 by Wholeness Work founder Connirae Andreas, hosted by The European Association for The Wholeness Work ® Connirae visits Karlsruhe and teaches three workshops of 2 days each.

Friday Sept 15th & Saturday Sept 16th, 2023

Monday Sept 18th & Tuesday Sept 19th, 2023

Thursday Sept 21th & Friday Sept 22th, 2023

On  the first day of Level 1, you’ll experience “in person” the topics presented in the book "Coming to Wholeness". All other training content is not yet available in book form.


Training format: Learning by doing

  • Connirae demonstrates the format with a volunteer. You can be one! 
  • Following the explanation of a formats, you will practice in pairs. Experienced trainers are present to support you with the exercises.  
  • Time to exchange experiences and ask questions.

This two, four or six day immersion in Wholeness Work brings a radical deepening of both your understanding as well as practice of the Wholeness Work and fundamental changes on a personal level.

Requirements regarding prior knowledge

  • Level I Foundation Training” Everyone Welcome! No prior knowledge needed.
  • Level II: Participation in a Wholeness Level I training is a prerequisite
  • Level III: Participation in a Wholeness Level I and II training is a prerequisite


Per level
Gross when booking two levels
Gross when booking three levels

10% discount  for members of the European Association for The Wholeness Work and East European.

The Deepening Discount
It is simple. More practice deepens the Wholeness Work. Working with Connirae personally is the most direct way to deepen your skills. When you have already trained with Connirae (live online or in person, no streaming variant) In this case you have an additional 25% discount on this specific level.. Please mention the level you have trained and when in the registration under the field "Remarks" if the 25% discount applies to you.

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