Why do we offer an Alumni Discount?

If you have already participated in seminars at Connirae Andreas, regardless of whether it was a live online training or a classroom seminar (streaming courses are excluded), you can receive a repeat discount of 50% on the regular price of this level.


Discover the value of the repeat discount for your further development

We understand the importance of continuous training and personal growth. That's why we want to give you special support as part of our community. For this reason, we offer all alumni an exclusive repeat discount on our training courses. Here are the reasons why this discount not only means financial savings, but also represents significant added value for your personal and professional development:

Reinforced learning through repetition: With the repetition discount, we want to give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and further develop your skills. Experience shows that repeated participation consolidates and expands skills. You have the chance to look at what you have learned from new perspectives and gain even deeper insights.

Increase in training quality: Your renewed participation contributes significantly to the quality and dynamics of the training. With your experience and prior knowledge, you not only enrich the learning process for yourself, but also for the other participants. Your positive experience and advanced understanding will raise the overall level of the training.

Networking and community building: As a returning participant, you strengthen the community and promote exchange among like-minded people. You have the opportunity to make new contacts and deepen existing relationships. This creates a unique atmosphere of cooperation and mutual learning.

Deepening your skills for coaching and training: By repeatedly attending our training courses, you not only promote your own development, but also pave the way for success as a coach or trainer in Wholeness Work. With each participation you gain valuable experience that is essential to effectively apply or teach Wholeness Work. Your advanced knowledge and practical experience will enable you to bring about profound change in others while advancing your career as a coach or trainer.

Exclusive networking event: The repeat discount offers the opportunity to be part of a lively and committed community, especially as part of our annual face-to-face training sessions with Connirae. This event is a rare opportunity to meet like-minded people from all over Europe in person and exchange ideas.

We firmly believe that the repeat discount is not only a financial relief, but above all an investment in your personal and professional development. Your repeated participation not only strengthens your knowledge and skills, but also actively contributes to the quality and success of the training.


You can find specific package prices for the current 2024 training in Amsterdam here:

The regular price per level is 700 €. If you have already completed a level, you can repeat it with a 50% discount, i.e. for €350. For additional new levels booked, you pay a pro rata amount based on the selected package price. Here are a few examples:

  • If you book all three levels and have already completed Level I at Connirae:
    You benefit from our package price of € 1600 for all three levels, which corresponds to an individual price of € 533 per level. As you have already completed Level I, you will receive a 50% discount and pay only €350. For Level II and III you pay 533 € each. This gives you a total amount of € 1416.
  • If you book all three levels and have already completed levels I and II at Connirae:
    The package price of € 1600 for the three levels also applies here. For Levels I and II you only pay €350 each, which corresponds to a 50% discount, and for Level III you pay the regular share of €533 from the package. That makes a total of €1233.
  • If you only book Level I and II and have already completed Level I at Connirae:
    In this case, you pay €350 for Level I with the 50% discount and €600 for Level II, based on a package price of €1200 for both levels. Your total costs therefore amount to 950 €.
  • If you book two levels and have already completed both at Connirae:
    For the repetition of two levels that you have already completed, we offer a 50% discount on the package price of 1200 €. This corresponds to a price of €600 for both levels together.
  • If you repeat all three levels and have already completed them at Connirae:
    If you decide to complete all three levels again after you have already completed them once, you will also receive a 50% discount on the total package price of € 1600. This results in an amount of 800 € for the repetition of all three levels.
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