Here are some feedbacks from users of The Wholeness Work®:


"I think that with Wholeness in a" light "almost inconspicuous way, you can get very deep. Equally in old (even preverbal) as well as in unconscious layers ... The insights that I gain through The Wholeness Work®, I feel as subtle, quiet and wise ... and that's wonderful. "- Ulrich Fischer, coach and coach, Berlin


"Personally, The Wholeness Work® is a wonderfully natural form of your own condition management. I simply follow the natural flow of energy to dissolve my limitations without having to go into drama. I just follow the structure of my experience and feel! Everyone should be able to experience that. "- a user


"As a coach, I love working with The Wholeness Work®: it's a multi-faceted method, as simple as it is complex. Immediately I accompany my clients out of a bad state, out of the drama in the head and into the experience. I can observe the effect immediately. Just awesome. I am very grateful! "Stefanie Diehl, trainer and coach, Berlin


"Since I met the method in a training in Abano, I work a lot with Wholeness. I am very happy that I met Connirae Andreas and learned from her. I see their warmth and their strength in the Wholeness Process again. I often use the process in my coaching sessions in order to support my coachees in achieving calmness and relief. "Ute Biedermann, Life and Job Coach, Berlin



„ "Wholeness is very special to me! When I was first led by The Wholeness Work® myself, I have a very simple physical problem to exit (tension in the neck) - I thought it was small and insignificant. Then it has been identified as a sign of great difficulties that I already know (chronic inflammation, fatigue, loneliness). Through the process and working with The Wholeness Work®, I am both calm and accepting at all levels. "- Anonymous“


„ "The best part of The Wholeness Work®: I can do it all by myself - to sleep, in stressful situations, in pain - no matter when and where. - anonymous


When I experienced Connirae for the first time on 06.08.2018, it was like a big "aha-experience" ... I have always been through my own decades of development - even without having found words - for the integration of all separated parts. It is very beautiful to have found a language for this process now! - Bettina Vos, psychotherapist (HPG), coach and trainer (DVNLP), Mönchengladbach


'I was fortunate enough to be able to work with Connirae and be guided by her through the Wholeness Work®. A deep, beautiful and very touching experience. I managed to solve the feeling of inner emptiness that had already been created by a central loss in childhood. The wonderful thing is that this was easy. I am very grateful for this experience and have been offering the various Wholeness methods as a coach to my clients ever since. Birgit Gross, Business Coach and Trainer, Bonn

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