Core Transformation - Finding the way to your inner source

The Core Transformation process is a gentle and powerful method to overcome limitations and increases well-being. Learn a personal change process and start a loving journey into the depths of yourself. Your boundaries will be the door-opener to a new powerful and transforming state of consciousness.


Tamara Andreas

What is Core Transformation?

Based on the work of Connirae Andreas and her sister Tamara Andreas, Core Transformation is an outstanding personal change process in the fields of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychology and Spirituality.

Core transformation is a natural process that connects us to our core state and therefore enables lasting change. Core Transformation empowers us to respect ourselves more fully, move beyond internal conflicts and inner struggles into an experience of alignment with our deepest self.

Core transformation starts with you struggles and limitations and leads you to experience Core states such as "being," "inner peace," "love," or "wholeness". You will learn the steps to transform limitations and resolve deep-rooted problems. These states will become the new foundation for your behaviour and living. It is surprisingly simple to experience this process that feels like a long-overdue kindness to yourself. In the Core Transformation training, you will be guided by Tamara Andreas through every step of the process to your individual core state.



Workshop benefits

"My problem was that I felt unworthy. My expected outcome was that I would feel worthy ... but instead I did not feel worthy and did not feel unworthy when I came to my core state. It was as if there was no longer a concept for me to feel worthy or unworthy. I could just be ... this felt sooo good." – An attendee
The Core Transformation training fulfils the deepest desires of our time. It is about loving yourself and each other and evolving as human beings emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. This simple process is a great way to change unwanted thoughts, feelings, and habits and achieve goals that you thought were unattainable.

Imagine, your most difficult problems actually have a positive aspect! Something through which you learn, grow and transform. Core Transformation works from the inside out to change unwanted behaviours, feelings and responses. The process can help us to find an underlying sense of well-being. At times when life is at its worst – experience a calm harbour surrounded by a stormy sea. It is an experience to transform our most hated quirks and weaknesses, our worst mistakes and the most unpopular behaviours. Instead of suppressing them, we allow them to become our strongest allies.

In this training, you'll find that even self-defeating behaviours may have been useful when we learned them at first. The Core Transformation process gently guides you to explore the original positive intent, leading to an experience of understanding where awareness and change take place in a natural way.


What can Core Transformation be used for?

These amazingly simple techniques can immediately lead you to more satisfying relationships and deep inner states of peace or wholeness.

Specific changes that can be achieved through the core transformation process:

  • Career progression
  • Enter and live more fulfilled relationships
  • Stop smoking, nail-biting and other habits
  • Change unwanted or problematic emotions and behaviours
  • Weight loss
  • Cope with anger/aggression
  • Deal with stressful situations and achieve more serenity and well-being
  • Improve health aspects and much more

Tamara Andreas talks about her work and trainings on Core Transformation - Part 1

She has developed the well-known and highly effective method together with her sister Dr. Connirae Andreas. She is one of the most experienced trainers worldwide. Her interviewer is Stefanie Diehl from EATWW.


Benefits for coaches and trainers

  • Experience a unlimited resource for your one well-being and state that you as coach or trainer can always connect with
  • Learn a very effective method that enables your clients to find a core state - an inner source that allows them to perceive life from a completely new perspective.
  • Guide your clients through change of unwanted behaviours, feelings, and responses and transform these into a universal resource by leveraging the hidden positive intent.
  • Let your clients experience inner contentment, serenity and alignment as a useful resource to deal with stress and crises.
  • Benefit from Tamara Andreas’ extensive experience and practical examples

Training description

Foundation Training

3 days, 15th to 17th November 2019
Friday to Sunday
Training times: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm


Experience and learn to work with the Core Transformation process step-by-step and with practical exercises. You get to know the core states and practice to lead yourself and others to experience them. In addition, you will learn the format “Aligning Perceptual Positions” - a powerful process to be better aligned and cantered in your relationships with others.

Tamara creates a safe learning environment for you to fully experience the process. She also demonstrates the process working with some of the attendees live for you. Observing the steps will make it easy for you to go through the process yourself afterwards. You will receive a training manual containing a clear and step-by-step guide. In addition, experienced coaches are present in the room, in case you need individual assistance on the way. You are welcomed to ask questions and give feedback. Some of these conversations will happen in small groups. You are invited to share your personal experience if you like.
This training is the best way to develop the necessary skills to use Core Transformation with your clients as well as yourself. And more than any other technique, it seems that Core Transformation requires a direct personal experience with this method and its own deep inner core to be able to guide others through the process.

Prerequisites for Core Transformation Training

There are no entry requirements for the Core Transformation Training.


Advanced Training

2 days
Tuesday, November 19th to November 20th, 2019
Training times: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm


With the Advanced Training, you increase your skills and extend the reach and power of Core Transformation.
- Finding starting place like behavior, thought, or feeling to be changed and backtracking client’s experience into parts, variation and solving difficult situations
- How to work with multiple parts at once
- Inviting part out into hands
- Giving back "energy" belonging to someone else
- getting to know a deeper structure of the process
- Working with dissociated clients
- Working with a part that wants to die
- frames for working with health
- Demonstrations with role-play clients with special difficulties
- Working with trauma, adding in an extra security step
- Time for discussion and exchange of experience

Benefits to the participants

- Learning essential skills for success in guiding a range of clients, including those who have certain common challenges with the process
- Working with a client who has many parts coming up at once
- Working with a client who has difficulty noticing responses, or parts that don’t want to communicate
- Tips that can make it much easier to work with extremely “negative" parts
- Gaining flexibility in adapting to the client’s needs
- Learning useful ways to think about the process, which can give us more confidence and resourcefulness when unusual difficulties come up
Opportunity to ask questions about difficulties you have faced or other Core Transformation related interests

Prerequisites for Core Transformation Training

Completion of the 3-day Core Transformation Training or extensive experience with Core Transformation is required to be well prepared for the advanced processes.

Training time-off

Monday, November 18, 2019: No training on this day to promote integration and leisure time.

Further remarks:

The training is conducted in English with German translations by Ralph Köbler.


About Tamara Andreas

Together with her sister Connirae Andreas, Tamara developed the Core Transformation process and is the co-author of the Core Transformation books. Tamara has been teaching Core Transformation around the world for more than twenty years - including Japan, Europe and Australia. This will be her first time in Berlin. Further Tamara Andreas is a very experienced NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner trainer. People trust Tamara’s skilful ability to create a safe environment and clarity which is a very good starting point for your own transformation experience. Her friendly and gentle style as well as her extensive experience and great competence with the material make her a popular and effective trainer. Tamara works in various environments: For example in the business sector, with health professionals or in the educational field. Tamara lives and works with her sister and her husband in Colorado, USA.




The book by Dr. Connirae Andreas and Tamara Andreas about Core Transformation

Further Information:



890 EUR: 5-days bundle Core Transformation + Advanced Training – saving 120 EUR
590 EUR: 3-days Core Transformation Training
420 EUR: 2-days Advanced Training


Investment for members of the EATWW e.V.

750 EUR: 5-days bundle Core Transformation + Advanced Training
495 EUR: 3-days Core Transformation Training
325 EUR: 2-days Advanced Training
Prices include detailed training manual, beverages and snacks at the morning and afternoon coffee breaks. Lunch is not included.



Foundation Training: Centrovital Hotel Berlin, Neuendorfer Straße 25, Brauereihof 6, 13585 Berlin
Advanced Training: Eilert Akademie, Frieda-Arnheim-Promenade 14, D - 13585 Berlin
Both Locations are close together! Reachable trough the same transport and hotel.
Further information and questions please mail Stefanie at or call her at + 49-177-6285921


The association EATWW e.V.

As a newly formed association European Association for The Wholeness Work®, we are grateful and very proud that Tamara Andreas accepted our invitation to train Core Transformation as a method closely related to The Wholeneness Work® in Berlin. We are very happy to welcome you in Berlin.


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