The method

The Wholeness Work® was invented and developed as Connirae Andreas, the motivation to overcome a deep personal crisis, intensively engaged in meditation practices. She studied and practiced different methods and teachings, missing a concrete guide to an experience of inner transformation. So she developed from her findings, a workable process with simple steps that are applicable for everyone. Through years of modeling and development, a whole set of wholeness methods emerged, picking up and transforming different aspects and perspectives of personal issues, problems and patterns.


The Wholeness Work®, as an effective form of mindfulness meditation, places users in states of inner well-being that make life easier and more joyful. It helps relieve stressful experiences and mitigate everyday tensions or completely dissolve and transform them. In addition, it supports the Wholeness practitioners to tackle and master authentic and actionable own challenges.


The Wholeness Work® is based on identifying essential and fundamental structures. Own patterns, assumptions, evaluations and concepts in thinking, feeling and acting become aware. Aspects of our being that we once felt to be stressful are relaxed, transformed and integrated after a short time.


One can consider the method as a meditative training for body and mind. It can be used as a kind of mindfulness meditation as a daily practice. At the same time, The Wholeness Work® is a set of methods, a profound and effective curriculum of coaching interventions that can be used to help people feel more at ease.


In this way, The Wholeness Work® works just as well for people who are interested in spirituality as it is for people who are not. The method is therefore suitable for all people who want to overcome difficulties, want to feel more well-being and who want to lead a happier and more successful life.

Dr. Connirae Andreas published her first book on The Wholeness Work® in October 2018, where she describes in a very hands-on way the basic principles of the Wholeness Basic Process and the extensive experience of her work. The book will soon be published in German by Jungfermann.

Coming to Wholeness: How to Awaken and Live with Ease (The Wholeness Book 1) von Connirae Andreas, Kindle Edition, 2018

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